NDS :: New Digital Storytelling

We specialise in telling the story of your small business, charity or idea online for small budgets. We will find you the cheapest way to reach your online market through using free sites, blogs, galleries, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter where suitable. We will get you into search engines. All you need to worry about is the service and products you are providing.


Web Design Pricing

Holding page (£50)
A web page with a paragraph about your service and your contact information including a company logo if supplied posted in Google and Google maps.[contact us]

Bespoke design online brochure (£500)
Up to 12 pages design and built especially for you at your own URL including 3 free content updates over a 2 year period posted in search engines. [contact us]

Website for online marketing (£800)
A bespoke design online brochure with content management integrated into relevant social networking including: blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, etc. [contact us]

Artworks and Storytelling

Artworks, illustrations and digital stories prepared for the web 2.0 edited by Jules Artvan.