Meet Jules

portraits & pictures

Do something out of the ordinary with that special photo you have in a frame on the mantel piece: commission a portrait like one of these
commission a picture or portrait

working from photographs

The modern way: everything is recorded, cast into the fray for five minutes of fame or discarded in digital disregard. But we are real people, those moments are special to you. why I work from photographs

hand cut stencils

Artworks are created with a process, artists find a process that fascinates, excites them. what I like about stencils

the unique effects of spray paint

Some art processes are very controlled, creating exactly the image the artist wants. Some art processes are rough and ready, serendipitously creating something special or ruining the work. the joy of spray paint

the making of a portrait

Some photos a friend took while I was making a painting me at work

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