The Joy of Spray Paint

Many artworks are noteworthy because of the colours the artist has chosen to mix on his pallet. Many styles rely on the colours mixing on the canvas.

Mixing colours on the canvas

I love mixing colours on the canvas to create rich and vibrant artworks. As I work with aerosol spray paint the number of colours I have to work with is limited by the colours on the shelf at the hardware store. These colours can be combined on the canvas to create as many hues and shades as needed for any artwork.

Special effects

In addition to the colours a variety of effects are available through aerosol spray paint: metallic finishes, stone or cement finished, glitter effect, dayglo effect. All these effects add to the options available when creating each unique work of art.

Complementing the stencil

The combinations of the types of aerosol spraypaint will effect a certain mood on the painting. Adding golden shades to red will warm the painting. Limiting the the shades used will create a servere image. I take into account what mood I am trying to create with the stencil when choosing what effect to use in my selection of aerosol cans.

Limited editions

The limited edition portraits and pictures available through this website are all unique due to the individual effects created by the combination of colours and the different spray conditions when the work was made.