How to Order

Complete the form below to commission a bespoke, unique, contemporary style work of art from your photograph.  The commission will be painted on calico and deliverer rolled by post – you will be free to frame it as you would like.

You only pay for the commission if you keep the painting.  When you receive the final work, if you do not like the painting simply return it with no further commitment.

Select a Photograph

A good photograph will focus on the subject, for a portrait the person should fill most of the shot. The light should come from a single source, for example: photographs taken outside, photos taken indoors with light from a window or a single lightbulb. Professional studio photographs are the best. Outdoor photographs are great. Photographs taken with a flash will rely on the drawing shading which I may not be right without meeting the subject.

Choose Number of Stencils

One stencil (one colour) creates a bold, striking image. Three stencils gives the most depth. Two stencils is a little of both. Browse my images and see if there is a picture you particularly like, at the bottom of each picture I have given the number of stencils

Choose a Predominant Colour

All commissions are painted using off-the-shelf spraypaint, and thus are restricted to bold simple colours. the final paining may have many colours in it but, as with all pop art, it will have a predominant colour which you can select to match the room you are wanting to decorate.

Choose a Size and Price

The bigger the picture the more time it takes to make, the more expensive the commission. All stencil graffiti pictures look better bigger (they look best when they are in a large scale on the outside of buildings). Choose the biggest picture as your space and budget will allow.

Contact Details

Non-Refundable Deposit>

All commissions will be started on receipt of the deposit which covers basic costs of materials, postage and packaging.